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The Mission

“To Support, Empower and Inspire women to improve the future for themselves and their children”.

History of The DreamKeepers Project

“Extending your hand is extending yourself”, a line in Rod McKeuen’s Book of Days, exemplifies how DreamKeepers Project began in the fall of 2004. Pat Gregory had been volunteering at the San Diego Mental Health Systems’ program in Oceanside, CA called the Family Recovery Center (FRC). Once a week she taught a parenting class to the young mothers.

Pat began to see that there was a need to do so much more for the women who lived at the facility with their young children. It was evident that besides the efforts of the women to complete the mandatory recovery program, the everyday needs were not being met by normal channels of funding.

The FRC administrators asked Pat about the possibility of starting a support group that would provide for the ongoing additional assistance.  So it all began with a coffee in her home where neighbors and friends were asked to bring gently used bath towels which FRC desperately needed.  This gave birth to the grass roots organization that today we call DreamKeepers Project!

Pat enlisted the assistance of her neighbor and friend, Vera Campbell (co-founder) who had worked with many non-profits in San Diego County.  They began collecting toiletries, linen, baby items, etc.  All the gently used clothing was arranged in “Marjorie’s Closet” that Marjorie Peachy started for the women to have access to the appropriate clothing for court dates and employment interviews.

They started discussions with other friends and neighbors about becoming involved in starting a support group for the Women and Children at the Family Recovery Center. A board of volunteer women was put into place, by-laws and other organizational materials were created and Vera came up with the name “DreamKeepers” which turned into “DreamKeepers Project” when they received their 501C3 Status in 2009.

Over the years, surrounding communities have been highly supportive of the DreamKeepers fundraising efforts through cash donations or special needs such as infant care and clothing donations, etc.

The accomplishments of the group are evident at the facility. They began the first of many with the remodel of the Dining Room, getting local artists to paint beautiful murals on the walls and added colorful chairs and tables.  The organization continues to fund raise each year by planning membership events and doing a direct mail appeal at Mother’s Day.

The DreamKeepers Project began by extending a hand to women who needed help.  It became critical to support the women as they became aware that they are powerful and capable of being responsible for their own lives and those of their children.  DreamKeepers Project is proud to have had a small part in their success!

Our Accomplishments

2020 Refurbishment of playground

2019 Refurbishment of the Career Center

2018 Focus on FRC Garden

2017 Refurbishment of Child Development Center

2016 Refurbishment of Residential Rooms

2014 Building of Toddler Playground

2005 First Accomplishment of DreamKeepers Project, The FRC Dining Room Makeover

The Board of Directors/Operating Committee

The DreamKeepers Project board consists of elected individuals whose duty it is to uphold the Mission and oversee the distribution of assets.

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